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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 20:37


My wife Val and I had settled on the beach, sun and wind protection set up my umbrella and swim in the cold North Sea. Val was xpornz in his modest piece of reading. A woman sexually reserved, he had no time for anything other than reading and dozing. A phone call to my cell phone told me that our car is ready for collection at a garage in Norwich, so I went back to our vehicle Val -wheel drive - ' Have at least an hour, maybe more - we'll see more later 'moved I, returned to the car, took some distance from the beach. Only when I got there, said a second call to me that another mistake was found, and my vehicle will not be ready at least two hours. returned to our house on the beach, hiking through the dunes in the hope that something of interest. As I was close, I realized that Val was not alone. In the dunes, protected by thick grass, I could see a guy tanning returning a magazine that had broken out on the beach of Val. A nudist ! Naked, beautifulBody, he was talking about consensus on the wind at all, and the beach in general. Val did'nt now is'nt in nudism, and I think he feels very comfortable with this naked man just two feet away, but the next moment he had sat beside her! I moved my position to get a better look. I did'nt hear their conversation, but I noticed that xpornz his tail was completely limp, was stirring half-mast. Gob - blow, then the number two: the upper Val torn dress to reveal her large breasts.... Within seconds the stranger's hands were adjusting their shapes and hardened nipples.... xpornz kisss then, then your hand to touch his cock hard now. Incredible ! Protected by windbreaks, which are reorganized so that it straddled, with its tail in its mouth and xpornz the hand behind her hairy pussy massage, but the suit hampered their efforts. No problem, apparently, lifting her ass and pushed the xpornz right to give Cossiethe body completely naked. Below is a was 69.. waist was getting a good tongueing with expert fingers, much of his cock as he could into his mouth. was'nt long time - like Val brought him to orgasm, so he shot his load, some in the mouth, some on his face, and the jets last in her tits. Then he kissed her, semen and all, and wiped the last drops of his semen on her nipples softening cock. He mumbled something, he kissed her again, then left to see its tail still bright for the world. Val stranded, returned to xpornz his Cossie then carried on reading. I was hard as nails, but I could not let go. Today I am still moved by Val improvised connection with a naked man on a beach in Norfolk! With what pleasure do it again.
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 20:36

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